I'd been to the Aquarium a night or two ago
And when the show was over I was walking back you know
I went as far as Charing Cross, and waited there until
A penny bus came by to take me home to Ludgate Hill.

Spoken - There was a young man beside me who asked the conductor whether he was alright for Regent Street, but the conductor said you want to go to...

Chorus: Bank! Bank! Bank! come along, I say
Charing Cross to Broad Street a penny all the way
We'll show you how to trot along there's lots of room inside
Patronize a penny bus, an' have a penny ride.

He got into the omnibus and I sat by his side
He was most communicative while we had that penny ride
I thought him very nice indeed, so kind and so polite
And when I left he shed a tear and softly said, 'Good night.'

Spoken - Which was all very well until I found that I'd lost my watch and chain. All night I dreamt of...


Next morn I rose to breakfast, but I missed my watch and chain
My keyless Jonny Bennett I shall never see again
I drank my coffee quietly and didn't make a fuss
But I couldn't drown my thoughts about that lovely penny bus.

Spoken - When I got to business that morning my Governor said, 'I want you to go to the Bank. I said, 'Don't mention it I shall never forget the...


That evening after business I went to Charing Cross
To try and find my missing links I grieved so at their loss
I waited there about three hours but wasn't very gay
When a Bobby came and run me in for blocking up the way.

Spoken - The Magistrate said, 'What have you to say about this charge?' and I said I remember loosing my watch and chain and a youth on a bus singing out...


The Magistrate saw through it all and kindly let me go
I wished them all 'Good Morning' and went home again, you know
I was walking straight across the road just by Trafalgar Square
When my hat blew off, a bus came by, and smashed it then and there.

Spoken - and all this happened through getting a bus to...

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