I 'as to play this whistle in the gutter (whistle)
To earn my bread (it never comes to butter) (whistle)
All day long I wanders round the 'ouses
Though I blow my best the game don't pay
Theres' 'oles in my coat and patches o my - (whistle)

I, as a boy, got little education- (whistle)
Boys now learn things far above their station-(whistle)
With French and stuff the kids they fairly flummux
The School Board really ought to try instead
Of cramming their 'eads, to fill their little - (whistle)

Ladies for dress 'ave always 'ad a passion-(whistle)
And though they starve, they will be in the fashion-(whistle)
About their togs we're always 'aving tussles
Things called bloomers is the latest craze
But one thing I've noticed, they've turned up wearing - (whistle)

What is the good of these 'ere politicians-(whistle)
They don't help us talented musicians-(whistle)
When they want yer votes yer think they're tryers
For then they say they'll give us this and that
But it never comes off - No They're a lot of - (whistle)

I 'as a long, strong struggle for my 'vittles'-(whistle)
For I don't come across the beer and skittles-(whistle)
But in one thing we are on a level
Parsons tell us we are all born bad
And if we don't alter, we're going to the - (whistle).
Written and composed by Paul Mill & G.D. Fox - 1896
Performed by Paul Mill (1863-1916)
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