I am the skipper of the Pirate bus
What sails from Mile End Bay
And my first Mate conductor is
The dread of the Queen's highway
With pistols, dagger, and cutlass too
We every morning prepares
To try our luck round London Town
Upon unsuspecting fares.

Chorus: Heave ho, yo he you must come along o' me
Without any squalling fuss
Or down you go in the hold below
Of the Pirate Omnibus.

We love to wait in ambush near
The Exhibition Show
The fat old aunts all scramble in
We fill, then off we go
Then I outs with the good old Pirate flag
And I waves it up and down
Says I, 'Before you leave this craft
I wants from each a crown.'


Last week we sailed away m'lads
And what do you think we spied?
A 'Comany' bus bang full of girls
A-sailing down Cheapside
We pulled across her bows m'lads
And raked her fore and aft
We collered the lot than off we shot
Then went like this and laughed.


We keep our victims in the hold
For various heavy sums
Then steer out Pirate bus about
Till a friend with the ransom comes
If the oof don't come they walk the plank
Yes, over goes the load
Or we cast 'em adrift with a great big curse
In the wilds of Brompton Road.

Performed by Herbert Campbell (1844-1904)
Performed by Henri Clark (1840-1905)
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