On my wedding day we didn't make a big display
Greens and potatoes and a little bit of meat
And the wife made a boiled suet puddin' for a treat
I had a bit of puddin' for my supper, I fancied something light
Says I, “ Now, mate, I'm going to celebrate this most important night, so

Chorus: Put a bit of treacle on my puddin' Mary Ann
Mary Ann, Mary Ann, Mary Ann
Cover it, smother it, don't you stop
Till you can't see the puddin' for the treacle on the top
I like puddin' when the puddin' is a good-un
And I don't want cake or jam
So put a bit of treacle on, treacle on, treacle on,
Treacle on my puddin' Mary Ann.

When my old girl's riled you never saw a woman so wild
Last night at supper I said something out of place
So she picked up the fender and threw it in my face
Then with the water jug she began to batter me
My soft spot she found.
Says I, “ Sweetheart, now before you make a start
Upon the second round,


Strolling round town I tried to push a tramcar down
Tram got the best of it, I landed on my head
When I came to my senses they were putting me to bed
Wife called the doctor in, said, “You must be suffering,
Feeling sick and sore”
Says I, “Old chick, I'll recover pretty quick And be on my legs once more If you...

PDF Sheet Music
Written and composed by F.W. Leigh & Harry Champion
Performed by Harry Champion (1865-1942)
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