My old missus, runs a barrer dahn the Dials,
Costers greet 'er, wiv cheeky winks and smiles.
She sells melons, the biggest beyond doubt,
And everyday you'll 'ear 'er, when Queenie starts to shout.

Chorus: 'Oh, come and squeeze my melons,
You'll marvel at their size.
See 'ow big an' round they are,
The finest ones for miles, by far.
Oh, come and squeeze my melons,
You won't believe your eyes,
And take one 'ome for your sweet'eart.

My old missus, is up each day at five,
Likes to get to market, before the crowds arrive.
She'll buy the finest melons, the very best they sell.
Then trundles miles, back to the Dials,
Where she'll commence to yell...

Written and composed by K. Lupino & S. Alwin - 1894
Performed by Kelly Lupino (1865-1942)
From monologues.co.uk Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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