SAILING Performed by George Formby Sr.

Yo ho, me lads, the wine blows free,
My father often said to me,
'Sailing on a ship's alright,
But if it starts a-rocking in the night.'

Chorus: Sailin', sailin' over the ocean blue,
There's many a man who's lost his breakfast,
And his dinner, too.
Sailing, sailin' over the boundin' crest
I once lost my wife but she
Was there when I came back.

Yo-ho, me lads, I've said that before,
Yo-ho, me lads, I can say it once more.
They can all heave ho, tally-man an' tally-ho
But they couldn't kid your 'umble ere to war.

Chorus: Sailin', sailin' over the raging' main,
There's many a man not 'ad a wash,
Until it starts to rain.
Sailin', sailin' you can see some sights out there,
But you can't see half as much as me,
When I'm in Leicester Square.

Yo-ho, my lads, I'm last at school
Yo-ho, me mate,
If you can't say, what you owe me lads,

You do the same as other folks an' go.

Chorus: Sailin', sailin' over the sea of woe,
You leave a note for them behind,
And simply say 'Yo ho!'.
Sailin', sailin over the boundin' trek,
And it's ten to one, if the ship, it sinks,
They'll not expect you back!

From monologues.co.uk Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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