My Mamma says the world is full of nothing else but flirts
I wonder what she means and if its anything that hurts
And Mamma says that she would like to sweep them all away
Well, just in case she brought a broom, to her I mean to say,

Chorus: 'Save a nice one for me, Ma, save a nice one for me
To have a nice one I am anxious, you can see
I don't want a naughty one, one that wants to tease
But save a nice and pretty one for me, Mamma please.'

My mamma says the noise I hear each afternoon at four
Is made by those young monkeys who attend the school next door
They wear long tails and muslin frocks not like those at the Zoo
Ma says she'd like to send 'em there, I said, 'Well, if you do


My Mamma say the sweets I eat are not what Papa likes
He much prefers a different sort that ride about on bikes
They're only half baked, Mamma says, and much too fond of puff
I like puff pastry, so I said, 'If Papa's had enough,


My mamma says she's fond of birds, but not like brother Joe
He carries bits of sugar for a bird that he calls Flo
He's lost a lot though, Mamma says because they fly away
So I said, ' Ma, if you should catch the lost ones round our way,

Written and composed by Malcolm Arnold & Albert Perry
Performed by Billie Barlow (1865-1937)
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