Dark was the hour but gaily song and story ran
Through the British camp, some forty years ago
We were waiting the word to fight near Inkerman
Burning to avenge past insults
Camp'd were we beside a friendly stream
Victory our theme - little did we dream
We'd be victims of a Russian scheme to trap each brave defender
But one morn there came a fearful cry
'River now is dry' 'Cossacks' said a spy
'Have dammed the stream and left us here to die
Of thirst, or else, like curs surrender.

Chorus: Fighting with the Seventh Royal Fusiliers
Famous Fusiliers - Gallant Fusiliers
Through deadly Russian shot and Cossack spears
We carved our way to glory.

Three days passed - not a drain of water came in sight
Then up spoke our Colonel - 'Boys, who'll volunteer
To make his way through Russian lines at dead of night
Cut the dam and let this streamlet?'
Fred, my dearest brother answered, 'I'
'I will have a try - comrades all, good-bye'
Spade in hand he went to do or die nor were our prayers unheeded
Hours we waited breathlessly
Until a tiny rill - growing bigger still then in volume rushed down the hill
'Hurrah, Hurrah, the lad's succeeded.'


But as the water came tumbling there
Flooding the stream through the morning air
Musket shots rang out and told
An awful sequel to my story for when the fighting was o'er
We found dead our young hero on the ground
Though he fell, his name shall proudly swell the scroll of British glory.

Written and composed by Wal Pink & George Le Brunn - 1891
Performed by Charles Godfrey (1851=1900)
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