There is a garden fair, set in an Eastern sea
There is a maid keeping her tryst with me
In the shade of the palm with a lover's delight
Where 'tis ever golden day, or a silvery night
How can I leave her alone in this dream of sweet Arcadia?
How can I part from her for lands far away?
In this valley of Eden, fairest isle of the sea
Oh my beloved, bid me to stay
In this fair land of Eden, bid me, beloved, to stay.

Chorus: Oh my Dolores, Queen of the Eastern sea
Fair one of Eden, look to the West for me
My star will be shining, love,
When you're in the moonlight calm
So be waiting for me by the Eastern Sea,
In the shade of the sheltering palm
Oh my Dolores, my Queen of the sea
Then be waiting for me by the Eastern Sea
In the shade of the sheltering palm.

There is an island fair, girt by a Western sea
Dearest, 'tis there one day thou'lt go with me
‘Neath the glorious moon, hand in hand we will roam
Hear the nightingale song of June
In the dear Land of Home
There, dearest heart, will the past but seem an idle vision
Naught but a dream that fadeth fast away
And the songs we were singing in Elysian vales
Seem but a carol of Yesterday
Happy songs we were singing, songs of a bygone day.

Written and composed by Leslie Stuart - 1899
Performed by Sydney Barraclough (1870-1930
Performed by Melville Stewart (1869-1915)
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