I'm in a corps that stood before
The King for half a day;
I'm the pet of all the slavies,
And I'm very pleased to say,
They all throw kisses mixed with smiles, to get me on the 'dot';
But there's one called Daisy
She's the dearest daisy of the lot.

Chorus: She is ma Daisy! Ma bonnie Daisy!
She's as sweet as sugar candy,
And she's very fond of Sandy,
And I weary for ma dearie,
I would rather lose ma whip than lose ma Daisy!

On pay-day when we get our pay,
I buy her chocolate cream;
Then I go and spend the rest along,
With the boys in the canteen.
And when the guard comes roond at closing time to put us oot;
By that time we're half tipsy
And you should hear me shout.


I often think I'd like a change,
So one night I went oot,
And met a nice fat cook,
While I was wanderin' aboot.
I kissed her on the nose and then I kissed her on the cheeks
But it's not like kissing Daisy,
I can taste her face for weeks.


Written and composed by J.D. Harper & Harry Lauder - 1905
Performed by Harry Lauder (1870-1950)
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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