From a dear little Lancashire town a boy had sailed away
Across the briny spray, to toil in USA
When American girls gathered round and sought his company
He'd say, 'There's only one girl for me.'

Chorus: She's a Lassie from Lancashire
Just a Lassie from Lancashire
She's the Lassie that I love dear
Oh so dear!
Though she dresses in clogs and shawl
She's the prettiest of them all
None could be fairer, or rarer than Sarah
My Lass from Lancashire.

Night and day, of his lassie he'd dream, recalling her sweet smell
He'd hear the factory bell, the sound he knew so well
Home from work he would walk once again, and though in reverie
He'd say, 'There's only one girl for me.'


Day by day he kept plodding away and to his task he stuck
And by a stroke of luck, a paying vein he struck
When he wrote to tell that he'd shortly cross the sea
He'd say, 'There's only one girl for me.'

PDF Sheet Music
Written and composed by Murphy, Lipton & Neath
Performed by Florrie Forde (1876-1940)
Performed by Ella Retford (1886-1962)
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