Now I'm a very, very jolly man, that's at least what you will say
When I tell you how like a lamb I went to be married the other day
We went off one very fine morning, Uncles, Aunts and all were there
And as we walked down the street, how the neighbours they did stare.

Chorus: Sister Mary walked like that (Imitate lady limping)
Pit pat, pit-a-pat
Then came Uncle stout and fat (imitate waddle of fat man)
Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho
Uncle Thomas walked like so (imitate man with wooden leg)
Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho
And I walked like this, you know (imitate stately walk)
Ho, ho, ho,

The people laughed and chaffed us all the way,
What could I do? I did the same
'Here's a jolly lark,' someone did say, and of us they all made game
Uncle Thomas's wooden leg, fairly made the people roar
Someone at him threw an egg, and it made them laugh the more.


We reached the church all right and all serene,
Flowers were strewn along the way
And the bride with joy did beam, ev'ry thing seemed bright and gay
Up I walked right to the altar, full of joy my wife to wed
The knot was tied, I did not falter, then back home my wife I led.


Written and composed by Gus Levaine & A. Massage - 1890
Performed by 'Jolly' John Nash (1830-1901)
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