As through the fields I chanced to pass
One morning fair in May
A peasant maid tripped through the grass
And bright and sweet her lay
'Stay pretty maiden, rest awhile
And tell me what's your name'
If you had seen her sunny smile
You would have said the same.

The maid was coy, I lingered there
And praised her eyes so blue
Her ripe red lips, her chestnut hair
My love each moment grew
I stole a kiss by some device
She did not greatly blame
I only know I found it nice
You would have said the same.

'Now I will be your sweetheart dear'
Love knows not rank nor state
'I have a sweetheart, thank you Sir
He's coming through the gate'
I saw a shepherd come in view
Of tall and stalwart frame
I bade the maid a swift adieu
You would have done the same.
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