Oh I'm courting a farmers dochter, she's one of the nicest ever seen
Her cheeks they are rosy red, and her age is just sweet seventeen
When I throw my arms about her neck and try to steal a kiss
Oh she'll wriggle and giggle and twist and twiggle
And then you'll hear her shouting this.

Chorus: Will yer stop yer tickling, Jock
Oh stop yer tickling, Jock
Dina mak' me laugh so hearty
Or you'll make me choke
Oh I'd wish you'd stop yer nonsense
Just look at all the folk
Wil yer stop yer tic-kle-ing
Stop yer tickling, Jock.

Oh she went to the seaside with me, I thought she would like to see the sea
Oh I did enjoy myself that day, and I can tell you so did she
On the railway train, as we went through the tunnels in the dark
Oh, everytime I winked at her, the passengers heard her remark.


Oh, I went to the farm one Sunday, because she invited me to tea
Her father and her Mither went to the Kirk, which was a' richt for me
What a lovely lovely feed we had of ham and eggs and bun
Oh, and after that we had some treacle Roly-poly just for fun.


Oh, I'm thinking o' getting married, In that d'ye ken they'll be no harm
Because I think she's just the sort of lass to keep me nice and warm
I think she has a lot of brass, but that I'll find out soon
If she has, than we'll go riding on the Tupp'ny Tube for the honeymoon.

Words by Harry Lauder & Frank Folloy: Music by Harry Lauder - 1904
Performed by Harry Lauder (1870-1950)
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