I'm a downtrodden man as you'll easily see
The wife's been and gone and done this on me
She's joined what is known as the Down With Men club
And like poor Simple Simon I wash and I scrub
We used to be happy when first we were wed
She trusted me then and she called me dear Ned
But now I'm a monster and just a mere man
And to end my existence she's done all she can.

Chorus: I'm suffering from a suff-e-ragette
Suffering sore you can see
Since my wife's joined the suffragists
I've been a suffragee
I've suffered it long and I've suffered it strong
How long will the suffering last
I'm sighing sure for the Golden Shore
When the sufferings will all be past.

Along with some others as dotty as herself
They're mostly old maids who're laid on the shelf
A week-end excursion to London they went
To interview Bannerman was their intent
He gave them advice, most kindly and true
And promised them votes in two thousand and two
The wife lost her temper, outside she'd a fight
Was rushed into jail, what a beautiful sight.

Performed by Jock Mills
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