'Mid the smiles of bright eyed lasses
And the sight of dear old friends
When the merry clink of glasses
In some jolly chorus blends
At a cheerful little party
With a kind or genial host
Oft with voices strong and hearty
Have we joined in this toast.

Chorus: Sweethearts and wives,
Sweethearts and wives,
Girls are a joy of all our lives.
When pretty lips kiss
(imitate sound of kissing)
Who can resist the darlings.

Standing here I see before me
Dear old pals I've known for years
Though not all married surely
You all love the little dears
Troubles shared are easier carried
Wedded life's the happier lot
Some who're single wish they'd married
Some who've married wish they'd not.


Adam soon came to decide, he
Must his lonely life relieve
Who can tell where you or I'd be
But for his fair sweetheart Eve
Now it follows, but no laughter
From this Gospel truth evince
Man came first, and woman after
She's been 'aft'r him' ever since.


Let cold cynics rail at woman
They're but ill conditioned churls
Be assured that man is no man
Who has never cared for girls
May we love and oft caress them
They're the 'sweetmeats' of our lives
Then let's toast the girls,
God Bless 'em
First our sweethearts, then our lives.

Written by N.G. Travers & Ernest J. Symons - 1891
Performed by G.H. MacDermott (1845-1901)
From monologues.co.uk Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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