Sybil loves to simmer all the summer by the sea
And she moves along with music most sublime
For all her trinkets jangle as they dangle on her bangle
In a tantalising tangle all the time
All the fellows follow as she promenades the pier
And try to catch the twinkle in her eye
For Sybil's really ripping and they can't resist 'pip-pip-ing'
And only wait to whisper on the sly,

Refrain: 'Won't you spare a little kiss, now do
One you wouldn't miss, or even two
You've only caught a tinge yet of just how much I care
Let me kiss you on the fringe-net it will help to curl your hair
I think it would be nice, don't you, and really I'll be true
Your lips are lovely Sybil just a tiny little nibble
Only one, now do.'

But Sybil only says with just a simple little smile
She doesn't flirt with fellows as a rule
Still the weather's rather gusty, and he's really not so dusty
He can take to the cafe in the cool
So they sit and swallow ices till they both begin to freeze
And he finds his money melting all away
Though the temperature's at zero, he's a gallant little hero
And he sings to her the same sweet lay.

Refrain: 'Won't you spare a little kiss, now do
One you wouldn't miss, or even two
You needn't tell the mater, it's a secret you can keep
There's no one but the waiter, and he's just gone to sleep
I've finished up my ice and so have you
Don't you think it's time to woo?
A kiss would be a killer, now we're flavoured with vanilla
Give us one, now do.'

But Sybil's quite capricious, though she knows it's rather cruel
And murmurs in a manner most superb
'Now don't be getting waxy you can take me in a taxi
There's a cabby just careering round the kerb.'
He coyly sits beside her in a corner of the cab
While the meter measures eight-pence ev'ry mile
Then growing rather bolder, lays his head upon her shoulder
As the driver fakes the figures on the dial.

Refrain: 'Won't you spare a little kiss, now do
One you wouldn't miss, or even two
The taximeter's going, and I'm getting into debt
There's two and fourpence owing and you haven't kissed me yet
I think we'll have to stop, don't you or I shan't be worth a sou
I've only three and thruppence now it's ticked another tuppence
Give us one, now do.'
Written, composed (1909) and performed by Archie Naish (b. 1878)
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