The coster is fond of 'is little bit o' graft
An' don't despise the bit o'splosh wot follers
'E can dress in latest style, tho' 'e don't put on a tile
Or an eye-glass, or wear masher cuffs an' collars
When 'e goes drivin' to the old Rye 'Ouse
You bet yer boots that we feel all serene O!
With our arm around the waist of a girl just to our taste
Wot-oh yer know, we don't 'ave 'arf a beano.

Chorus: That's 'ow we does it in the Mile End Road
That's 'ow we spend our L.S.D.
With our good old concertina's, an' a pot or two between us
We're as 'appy as the birds upon the tree
Tuppenny smokes of the very finest brand
A wagonette that 'olds a 'eavy load
Doin' it proper - reg'lar tip-top-per
That's 'ow we does it in the Mile End Road.

The coster is ready to save 'is 'a'pence up
And spend 'em like a man upon 'is donah
Ev'ry time 'e takes 'er out, don't 'e dash 'is dibs about
And 'e does it just to give the thing a tone, ah
Some nice 'white satin' for the gals to drink
Along the road, we likes to sniff the breezes
When we in the forest go, then my 'Em an' me, yer know
We likes to lose ourselves among the treeses.


The coster is fond of the latest comic song
Upon the stage some of us ought to figger
Why, we sing all sorts of styles, frighten all the crows for miles
An' it even makes the old 'oss wag 'is 'jigger'
There's 'am an' chicken an' some nice jam rolls
An' lots o' glorious beer, to fill the cup with
We 'as 'orn-pipes by the score, recitations in galore
An' we 'armonise a treat, to finish up with.

Written and composed by John P. Harrington & George Le Brunn - 1905
Performed by Alec Hurley (1871-1913)
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