Behold in me, a famed KC, well known at the assizes
The way I cross-examine force no end of quaint surprises
One noted case I had to place reliance on assurance
A case you see of cruelty beyond all life's endurance.
'You say your husband raved and swore
And dragged you up and down the floor
Then jammed you in the parlour door
And fiercely tried to spank you
And after you, he duly cursed,
You dared him then to do his worst
So he smacked you on the er... twenty first
That's quite sufficient, thank you.'

I had to face an awkward case upon the last election
And bribery I proved you see upon a close detection
One witness tried the fact to hide, but I was in my glory
When he swore on oath he'd been bribed by both but mostly by the Tory
'You say the Liberal agent came
And gave five shillings for your name
The Tory gave ten for the same.
Each on their side to rank you.'
I fixed him then. I cleared my throat,
'Who did you vote for now, please note?'
He said, 'Neither, I ain't got a vote.'
That's quite sufficient, thank you.

It's ten to one, men's days are done, or if they're not they're numbered
The women rave, and banners wave and shriek 'Too long we've slumbered
We'll have our votes or clutch your throats,
Till to our views we bend you.'
Tut tut Miss P talk quietly, It's alright I'll defend you
'You say that you should represent
Your gentle sex in Parliament
An M.P for Herts, Hants and Kent
We instantly should rank you
And in Parliament you what?, you vow,
You really couldn't make more row
Or do less work than our M.P.s now
That's quite sufficient, thank you.'
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