Once on a time it's a very long time
It's a year or it maybe three;
I was out of a job and I didn't have a bob
When an old Tar said to me
'Would you like to come and have some fun,
While you're young and stout and strong?'
So the very next day I sailed away
To this good old shanty song.

Chorus: There is somebody waitin' for me
In an old cabin down by the sea,
In the land where I wish I could be
There is somebody waitin' for me.

I know a cot in a very sweet spot
And I think of it ev'ry day;
It is all I've got my whole job lot
And it's miles and miles away
There were tears and sighs and fond goodbyes,
When the time came 'round to go
But as I jog along I sung this song
To myself because I know.


I know a face it's a very sweet face
It's the face of my very best girl,
I have seen all sorts in the diff'rent ports
As I've sailed all 'round the worl'
On my last trip east I'd a rare old feast,
I've the taste still on my tongue
But when I sailed west to my very very best
Little girl again I sung.


Written, composed and performed by Harry Lauder (1870-1950) - 1917
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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