When I came home from school today, my mother said to me
'Just take this pudding to your father at the factoree.
Be careful not to drop it, 'cos the basin's very old
It was your great grandmother's and it's worth it's weight in gold.'
So off I went with father's pudding, but in half a jiff
Some rude boys gathered round me and when they'd all had a sniff.

Chorus: Freddy came and touched it with his finger
Teddy came and touched it with his thumb
Sidney had a kidney, up came Joe and collared all the dough
Father's pudding absolutely ruined, but there will be no row
Oh, they splashed my pinny, with the gravy
But they haven't broken my basin up to now.

They pulled away the handkerchief and I began to scream
My nose it all got blistered there was such a lot of steam
Then one boy had the cheek to say, 'Let's play Blind Man's Bluff'
As right across my eyes he went and smacked a lump of duff
I tried to dig him with the hat-pin I'd got in my hat
Then suddenly I fell down wallop on a piece of fat.


My mother will be proud to know how bravely I've behaved
I'll tell her how her little bit of crockery was saved
I knew, when those boys took my father's pudding off of me
They'd try to break my basin, so I sat on it you see
And tho' I've lost Pa's pudding, I've no fear of being smacked
Ma will be pleased to know my basin isn't even cracked.

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