When first Obadiah met Maria
She thought 'There's the man for me'
He beamed upon her and wooed and won her
She lost her heart easily
But men are fickle, and though they tickle
The ears of a trusting maid
With tender speeches, experience teaches
Their faithlessness I'm afraid
Now look at the case of sweet Maria
And her young gentleman Obadiah.

Chorus: They walked for miles and miles and miles
And talked for hours and hours
They billed and cooed for days and days
For lovers have peculiar ways
They met for weeks and weeks and weeks
For months and months he'd call
He courted her for years and years
Then jilted her after all.

That Obadiah loved sweet Maria
She certainly thought was true
He'd fondly court her, nice presents bought her
And took her, sometimes, to Kew
His speeches tender made her surrender
Her heart to him every night
Ah, what a pity, those speeches pretty
Were not made in black and white
Dear girls, oh, beware of Obadiahs
Or your case might be like Maria's.


When Obadiah had wooed Maria
For ten long and weary years
He wrote and said he'd a new girl wedded
No wonder the pet shed tears
She brought an action for satisfaction
Yes, sued him for hundreds ten
A case began it - what's more she won it
A warning to fickle men
The Jury were down on Obadiah
When told by counsel for sweet Maria.

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