We are three little chamber-maids at the Hotel Cecil
On the fellow's hearts make raids at the Hotel Cecil
Single men and married too, vow they love us fond and true
And anything for us will do, at the Hotel Cecil.

Chorus: Three gay chamber-maids, three gay chamber-maids
At the Hotel Cecil we are a big attraction, one, two, three
Gay chamber-maids, the men say saucy jades
Three very, three very, three very,
Three very gay chamber-maids.

Three young curates, so meek and mild, came to the Hotel Cecil
And their fond hearts were beguiled at the Hotel Cecil
Us they vowed they could adore, they would marry us too they swore
And we would rub and scrub no more at the Hotel Cecil.


But there came such a blight on our lives at the Hotel Cecil
To the three little curates came three wives at the Hotel Cecil
Each wife was stout, with an iron will,
With arms of steel and some boxing skill
And so we're rubbing and scrubbing still at the Hotel cecil.

Written and composed by A. Hall & George Le Brunn
Performed by The Sisters Wynne
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