In Summer when the sun is bright,
When frost and snow have taken flight
It is Mac-Kie's and my delight
Like travellers in a story
To go exploring here and there
In search of pleasure and fresh air
So last year for our holidays
We went tae Tobermory, and...

Chorus: Oh, my! you ought to have seen Mac-Kie and me
For we were fairly in our glory
For we roamed about together
'Mong the bonnie blooming heather
With the bonnie lassies up in Tobermory.

We soon had friends and fun galore
And sweethearts tae, above a score
I never had such fun before
To leave it I was sorry
And when the time for parting came
The tears ran down Mack's cheeks like rain
Yon night will be remembered by
The lassies in Tobermory.

Performed by Harry Lauder (1870-1950)
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