(or Boys Will Be Boys)

I've often heard old people state
That Children of today
Are seeming to degenerate
Their minds too full of play;
But if you just look back yourselves
To childhood's days you'll find
You acted in the self-same style,
But age has changed the mind.
Let boys continue at their games,
No matter smooth or rough;
The stern realities of life
Crowd on them soon enough.

Chorus: Boys will be boys, just as long as the world goes round.
Playing the game, standing the test,
Each one trying hard to come out best.
Why not encourage them a little now and then?
For remember, they, the boys of today,
Will be tomorrow's men.

See how the children of the street
Enjoy their play the same
As children of the upperclass,
Their hearts are in the game.
At cricket they’re resourceful, though
They’ve got no stumps or hat,
A heap of coats their wicket, and
Their ball a rolled-up hat.
It teahes them in after life, no matter what their lot,
To be contented and to make the best of what they've got.


The game he’s playing oft foretells
The future of the boy;
Restrict him in his play, maybe
His spirit you'll destroy.
The early days of nearly all
Our greatest men on earth
Were full of rough-and-tumble play,
And it shows us what 'tis worth.
What chance has any weakling it in this great world of strife?
The boy who fights his way at play, will fight his way thro’ life.


Written and composed by Harry Leighton - 1803
Performed by Gus Hindell
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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