My sister's wedding came off just a week ago
It really was a very grand affair
She invited all her relatives - a tidy lot you know
The elite, too, of our neighbourhood was there
There was Tommy tripe, the butcher's man, and Sammy soot the sweep
My sister Nell and cousin Mary Ann
They all arrived at 8 am and soon were introduced
To her future lord, the undertaker's man.

Chorus: Now Tommy was dressed in all his best, and so was Mary Ann
And sister Nell togged out as well along with her young man
And cousin Joe skipped off, you know and hired a Pickford's van
When Sister Sal got married to the undertakers man.

We reached the church at 9am, the wedding soon took place
Then everyone jumped into the Pickford's van
And the undertaker had a jovial smile upon his face
As he sat beside his bride, our Sarah Ann
There were showers of boots, and sacks of rice
And someone threw an egg
Which hit the undertaker in the eye
Then in a rage he stopped the van, and swore he'd have a fight
Although to calm him down we had a try.


Of all the jolly parties I have been to in my life
I think that wedding flare-up took the cake
We all complemented Sarah Ann on being made his wife
And said we hope their fortune they would make
Now the undertaker, you can bet, was fairly on the job
And all for him soon felt a strong regard
But quite a gloom fell on the mirthful company when he
Politely asked them to accept his card.
Written and composed by Leslie Reed - 1891
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