I've walked round with the unemployed, and waved a little flag
I've picked up parcels in the street, and thought that they were shag
I've seen the birds drink petrol from the puddles in the street
I've seen tom-cats with nothing else but motor-tyres to eat
When food was dear I've kept my little children without grub
I've signed my name against the License Bill in every pub
I've swept cold snow from work-house doors, and found it didn't pay
Because the guardians got too hot and melted it away

Chorus: So what will become of England, when I'm far across the sea?
What will become of England, when she loves me?
I sail tomorrow morning, in foreign lands to roam
England to me is too expensive, it's a dear old home.

I fell in love with actresses, and then fell out again
I fell asleep, I fell in pubs, and once fell down a drain
I've kept a school for wives, but I keep rabbits now instead
I kept one once for fourteen months, and found that it was dead
I've walked upon my hands to save the wearing out the ground
Until the rain got up my nose, and I got nearly drowned
I rode up Rotten Row inside a motor in full view
I've had a rotten roe inside a bally bloater too.


I've poked my nose in ev'rybody's bus'ness but my own
I'm full of chaff because of all the wild oats that I've sown
I've knocked at ev'ry door where it says 'Kindly knock and ring'
I've stood on mats with 'Welcome' on - they've never let me in
I once fell off a bus into a Crosse and Blackwell's cart
The girls all tried to eat me cos they took me for a tart
I've walked the cold embankment too, for hours I've roamed about
A chap once threw me in the Thames to fetch his bull-dog out.

Written and composed 1909 by Charles Lilburn
Performed by Charles Lilburn
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