Amidst a scene of great splendour
There is a ballroom so bright
Merry and gay were the dancers
No thought of sorrow tonight
Keeping in time with the music
Dancing from evening till dawn
Happy are they, joyous and gay
Whilst the dance goes on.

Chorus: Whilst the music is playing
In the grand ballroom
Whilst each heart beats softly
To the old sweet tune
Whilst the hours are passing
Fleeting one by one
They have no thought of tomorrow
Whilst the dance goes on.

But there was one of these dancers
One with a beautiful face
Laughing and chaffing so gaily
Dancing with such careless grace
She had no firm hand to guide her
No one to shield her from harm
She is alone - husband at home
Whilst the dance goes on.


'You shall not go to the ball love
Stay with our baby tonight'
Rang in the ears of this lady
Whose eyes they shone clear and bright
What cares she for home or for baby?
As long as she's queen of the ball?
She is alone - baby at home
Whilst the dance goes on.


Too soon the ball it was over
Home she approached at last
There at the door stands her husband
Whose tears they fell thick and fast
But not a word has he spoken
Gently he leads his wife in
There on the bed - her baby lay dead
Whilst the dance goes on.

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