You've heard all about the cake walk, well I know a walk, I do,
Which I will Guarantee is the cock o' the walks, you see;
There ain't any cake in this walk but oh, there's a roll sublime,
Which on one or two drops of 'Johnny Walker's' a walk home every time.
I'm one of the crew that walk the walk I mean,
And every night there we may be seen,
Each jolly good boy holding up a pal,
Shouting, all in a row we go, along Pall Mall.

Chorus: Oh! the wobberly walk, the Piccadilly patent walk,
Some go bumping against the wall,
Some are unable to walk at all.
When we're rowdy and rolling round the West,
The rorty, rollicking, frolicking walk's,
The walk we walk the best.

As all o' the pubs are closed, why we must have a drink somehow,
So at a coffee stall, all the lot of us make a call,
We're smashing the cups and saucers, we're rocky about the legs,
And we're chipping the chap about the chickens we've found in his hard boiled eggs.
Each copper we meet, we do our best to kill,
Each one on the beat has just made out his will;
Then bidding adieu to Gertie, Flo and Jane,
When we've cuddled and kissed 'em, off we march again.


Supposing when on the walk, we go rocky upon the pins,
We've got a handy wheeze, for we walk on our hands and knees,
And if to our houses we're all unable to walk, we cuss,
Then we sit on the kerb and wait, you see, till the houses can walk to us.
Last lap of the walk is up the stairs so meek,
We gingerly tread but how they seem to creak!
Each one of the boys, expecting for his sin
Something more in the pastry line, the rolling pin.


Written and composed by Robert P. Weston & F.W. Carter - 1900
Performed by Charles Deane (1866-1910)
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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