WHIT CUNLIFFE (1876-1966)
Whit Cunliffe
1   Fair, Fat And Forty
2   Follow Me, Girls
4   I'd A Divil Of A Time Last Night
5   If The World Were Ruled By Women
6   I'm On My Honeymoon
7   In These Hard Times
8   It's A Different Girl Again
9   Knocking At Every Door
10   Matrimonial Handicap, The
11   There Are Nice Girls Everywhere
12   There's No Place Like London
13   There's Something In The Seaside Air
14   They Can Do Without Us
15   Tight Skirts Have Got To Go
16   Tow The Row Row
17   Up She Goes
18   What Does It Matter To Me
19   Whit Cunliffe's Book Of Popular Songs
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