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1. Oh, I Wish I Was Back There Again - George Lashwood
Chorus: 'I only wish I was there again, Fighting the crafty Boer Tho' the life out there was hard to bear, and I got wounds galore Marching and fighting from day to day, ragged and worn in pain But I did have a rest from my old woman's tongue Oh, I wish I was there again.'
URL: - 12KB - 15 Sep 2013
2. They Bunged Him In My Growler - George Lashwood
I drove my cab in the Strand, one night, When a couple of toffs said 'Hi' We want you to drive this drunken man to his villa near Peckham Rye He ran away, years and years ago, but now he has made a pile He's going back home to his dear mamma, to win her forgiving smile.' 'Here is his mother's address,' said one, who looked like a duke or lord 'He's a little bit tiddley, but still...
URL: - 11KB - 15 Sep 2013
3. I Forgot The Number Of My House - George Lashwood
Chorus: I forgot the number of my house The last time I went out I forgot the number of my house And for hours I walked about all alone But I've unscrewed the number from the door And I've got it here tonight So I've only got to find the door that it belongs to Then I'm all right.
URL: - 11KB - 15 Sep 2013
4. Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining - George Lashwood
Chorus: Every cloud has a silver lining, tho' the sky's not always blue Every cloud has a silver lining, and you'll find my words are true Thing's won't mend if you sit down pining, Tho' the clouds be dark today Take no denying, keep a-trying and a-trying Till you push those clouds away.
URL: - 11KB - 15 Sep 2013
5. Riding On Top Of The Car - George Lashwood
Chorus: Then we go, go, go for a ride on a car, car, car For we know how cosy the tops of the tramcars are. The seats are so small, and there's not much to pay You sit close together and 'spoon' all the way There's many a miss will be missus some day Through riding on top of the car.
URL: - 11KB - 15 Sep 2013
6. My Latchkey - George Lashwood
Tonight's the last night of my batchelor days Tomorrow I married shall be I shall have to conform to a married man's ways Aye, and bid a good-bye to my key (takes out key) You've been a good chum when we've been on the spree And rolled home all times in the night When I couldn't guide you, well, you've guided yourself And we managed to get on all right...
URL: - 11KB - 15 Sep 2013
7. In The Twi-Twi-Twilight - George Lashwood
When a girl loves a boy, there's no time they enjoy Like the twi-twi-light And the hour of the day for which all of them pray Is the twi-twi-light There's a boy at the corner of every street And the girl as she joins him is looking so neat That he never once thinks of the size of her feet In the twi-twi-light
URL: - 11KB - 15 Sep 2013
8. Oh, Girls! What Am I To Do With It? - George Lashwood
Last evening I'd an awful fright Enough to make my hair grow white It's sad the way I meet misfortune's stings I'd asked a sweet young friend of mine out to 'Monico' to dine So went upstairs to change my shirt and things A parcel from the laundry there, was lying in my easy chair But, horror, when the things I did unpack I found instead of shirts and hose a lot of ladies...
URL: - 12KB - 15 Sep 2013
9. What A Lovely Lot They Are - George Lashwood
Chorus: What a lovely lot they are, what a lovely lot they are How do you do, girls. When I look at you girls I wish that I'd been born a Sultan or a Shah What a nice lot, what a nobby little lot What a lovely lot they are.
URL: - 12KB - 15 Sep 2013
10. She Never Does That To Me - George Lashwood
I know a young lady who dotes on her pets So much that all of her friends she forgets I am supposed now to be her sweetheart But a little dog makes me with jealousy smart She takes him and fondles him, brim full of bliss While I sit there hungering just for a kiss She sits by the fire sometimes for a nap And places that ugly young cur on her lap.
URL: - 13KB - 15 Sep 2013

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