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1. The Auctioneer - George Robey
An auctioner's a busy man - it's auction here and there You should hear the row and clamour Till I drop my mighty hammer Some attend the sale for fun - get up to lots of tricks I put a row of houses up, then they bid two and six. (Then I throw the hammer at them)
URL: - 10KB - 15 Aug 2013
2. Bang Went The Chance Of A Lifetime - George Robey
Now old aunt Rebecca is rich; She's the Dowager Duchess of Diddle. When she dies I inherit a million or so, But the old girl's as fit as a fiddle. Whilst gunning the moors on the twelfth, In a quiet lonely spot by the sea, I saw someone there by the cliff, I declare, 'Twas the Dowager Duchess of D!
URL: - 12KB - 15 Aug 2013
3. I Couldn't Exert Myself - George Robey
I never could exert my self to any great extent To shake hands with a friend I'm sure Would lay me up for a week or more Whilst golfing near my country seat And strolling in the grounds I caught a poacher poaching eggs He said, 'Let's have three rounds.'
URL: - 12KB - 15 Sep 2013
4. It's A Lie - George Robey
I am a man who is frequently misunderstood I am modest and what has resulted Why, only last week, when out fishing one day I was foully and grossly insulted It appears that a boy, who was out fishing too Was attacked by a ruffian. He I am sorry to state, did the boy for his bait And ran off... then they said it was me.
URL: - 12KB - 15 Sep 2013
5. The Music Hall Comic by George Robey
They say that the life of a music hall comic, Is one that the highbrow despises, But even my critics admit my career, Is sublime in its several guises
URL: - 5KB - 23 Dec 2020
6. A Thing He Had Never Done Before by George Robey
The wind it blowed, the snow it snowed, the lightning it did light, The rain came down as usual, and, brethren, well it might; For had not darling papa come home sober that same night, A thing he had never done before!
URL: - 5KB - 23 Dec 2020
7. I Haven't The Faintest Idea by George Robey
Though I pose as a lad of learning, I seem to be stuffed full of knowledge, To tell you the truth I'm an ignorant youth, Well, you know what they teach you at college
URL: - 6KB - 23 Dec 2020
8. What Was There, Was Good by George Robey
I first met my wife at a fancy dress ball, To my mind she was simply divine, I thoght to myself, 'This is love at first sight!', And I solomnly vowed she'd be mine.
URL: - 6KB - 23 Dec 2020
9. And Very Nice, Too by George Robey
I did a silly thing some time ago, I jumped off a tram while in motion, The cab-horse behind me gave me a hard kick, I sat down on what, I've no notion.
URL: - 6KB - 23 Dec 2020
10. Hey Ho, What Might Have Been by George Robey
I stayed at a farmhouse last Summer, For a month I was there rusticating, Towards evening the first day 'Farmer Raby,' I cried, 'I can’t sit here all day ruminating.'
URL: - 6KB - 23 Dec 2020

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