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1. Jack Pleasants Song Lyrics
Come In And Cut Yourself A Piece Of Cake, Fourteen And Sixpence A Week, I Deserve A Good Slapping, I Do, I Said, 'Good-Bye', I Shall Be A Bad Lad, 'Liza Ann, I Shall Get In A Row When Martha Knows, I Shall Sulk, I Want To Be Pally With Everyone, I Went A Jazzing, I'll Be Cross, Arabella, I'll Be Cross, I'm 21 Today, I'm Learning A Song For Christmas, I'm Shy Mary Ellen
URL: - 16KB - 14 Oct 2014
2. Watching The Trains Come In - Jack Pleasants
Chorus: Watching the trains come in Watching the trains come in We sit and stroke each other's hand As only lovers understand Watching the trains come in Hearing the porter shout And when we have watched all the trains come in We watch all the trains go out.
URL: - 10KB - 15 Sep 2013
3. Long Years Ago - Jack Pleasants
Long years ago on Pancake day When father was at work they say Some twins were born and one was me One was a boy and one a he I looked like Jim, Jim looked like me I breathed like Jim, Jim breathed like me...
URL: - 11KB - 15 Sep 2013
4. She's Awfully Jealous Of Me - Jack Pleasants
I've been wed for two years - seems more like ten The wife has so got on my nerves She is so jealous of me I think that she believes Someone's poaching on her preserves From my pound a week she takes nineteen and nine Then she says, 'John, be careful of women and wine.'
URL: - 11KB - 15 Sep 2013
5. She Made Me Do It - Jack Pleasants
Chorus: I said I wouldn't give Matilda Jane a kiss She made me do it She said, 'You've got to purse your lips like this' She made me do it She said you've got to bill and coo and do what other lovers do I said I wouldn't. I said I wouldn't She said, 'You've got to cuddle Or I'll drop you straight into a puddle.'
URL: - 11KB - 15 Sep 2013
6. It's My Bath Night, Tonight - Jack Pleasants
Chorus: 'It's my bath night tonight My bath night, my bath night Tonight's the night my Mamma with joy Makes her little popsy-wopsy a nice clean boy She lights the fire and gets the pot a-boiling And she scrubs me nice and white I wish you all could come and see me splashing in the sink It's my bath night tonight'
URL: - 11KB - 15 Sep 2013
7. Where Do Flies Go In The Winter Time? - Jack Pleasants - Sam Mayo
Chorus: 'Where do flies go in the Winter time? Do they go to gay Paree? When they've finished buzzing round our beef and ham When they've finished jazzing round our raspberry jam Do they clear like swallows every year? To a distant foreign clime Tell me, tell me, where do flies go in the Winter time?'
URL: - 11KB - 15 Sep 2013
8. My New Hat - Jack Pleasants
When my missis bought me my new Sunday clothes She bought me this new hat as well She said, 'You must keep it for special occasions When you want to do the big swell.' Last week up to London on business I went The wife said, 'As this is a special event.'
URL: - 11KB - 15 Sep 2013
9. I Shall Sulk - Jack Pleasants
Chorus: I shall sulk, I shall sulk Now I mean to get my own back, so I'll sulk I've stood for you making blue-bags of my socks, you saucy cat And I know you've patched my trousers with the remnants of the mat But if you ever dare to boil another pudding in my hat I shall sulk, I shall sulk
URL: - 11KB - 15 Sep 2013
10. I'm 21 Today - Jack Pleasants ~ Albert Whelan
Chorus: I'm 21 today, 21 today I've got the key of the door Never been 21 before And Pa says I can do, as I like So shout, Hip Hip Hooray He's a jolly good fellow 21 today.
URL: - 11KB - 15 Sep 2013

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