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1. Only A Working Man - Lily Morris
Chorus: I wake him every morning when the clock strikes eight I'm always punctual, never, never late With a nice cup of tea and a little round of toast The Sporting Life and the Winning Post I make him nice and cosy, then I toddle off to work I do the best I can For I'm only doing what a woman should do ‘Cos he's only a working man.
URL: - 10KB - 15 Sep 2013
2. Why Am I Always The Bridesmaid? - Lily Morris
Chorus: Why am I always the bridesmaid Never the blushing bride Ding, Dong, wedding bells Only ring for other gals But one fine day Please let it be soon I shall wake up in the morning On my own honeymoon.
URL: - 10KB - 15 Sep 2013
3. Tiddley Hi - Lily Morris
Tiddley, iddley, iddley, iddley hi That's the song they used to sing, years ago. Tiddley, iddley, iddley, iddley hi That's the song they used to sing, at every show. Tiddley, iddley, iddley, iddley hi When it died it must have been an awful blow If you can't say it, go home and try to play it Tiddley, iddley, iddley, iddley hi.
URL: - 11KB - 15 Sep 2013
4. We All Said 'No' - Lily Morris
Last night at my sister's all the family gathered round To name her first new baby if a nice name could be found Four and twenty turned up, and we'd each a different name From Barbara to Clementine, Penelope and Jane. Chorus: The Uncle Joe said, 'Oh, ho,oh I think we'll call her Maggie.' But we all said, 'No.' 'Mary's a nice name,' said old Aunt Flo 'I think we'll call her Mary.'...
URL: - 11KB - 15 Sep 2013
5. Turned Up - Lily Morris - Florrie Forde
Chorus: Mary at the church turned up... Her Mother turned up and her Dad turned up Her sister Gert, and her rich uncle Bert, And the Parson in his long white shirt turned up But no bridegroom with the ring turned up But a telegraph boy with his nose turned up...
URL: - 11KB - 15 Sep 2013
6. Take Me back To Dear Old Blighty - Lily Morris - Ella Retford
Chorus: Take me back to dear old Blighty Put me on a train to London Town Take me over there, drop me anywhere Birmingham, Leeds, or Manchester, well, I don't care I should love to see my best girl Cuddling up again we soon would be, Whoa Tidley-idley-iti, hurry me home to Blighty Blighty is the place for me.
URL: - 11KB - 15 Sep 2013
7. That's Where The Soldiers Go - Lily Morris
Last night a soldier boy gave me a saucy wink He took me purse and said, 'Come on, I'll treat you to a drink.' He told me lots of tales and when we'd had a few He showed me how he fought and won the battle of Waterloo He left me and said, 'I'll be back, now, don't you go away.' At closing time they threw me out then I began to say...
URL: - 11KB - 15 Sep 2013
8. Say Good-Bye - Lily Morris
Chorus: Say Good-bye, say Good-Bye For goodness sakes say Good-bye If my old man comes home to tea And finds you here what will happen to me? It's seven years since I saw you last My word how the time does fly If you want to kiss me Mick you must get it over quick And for goodness sakes say Good-bye.
URL: - 11KB - 15 Sep 2013
9. Since Our Mother's Been A Lady - Lily Morris
Chorus: Since our Mother's been a Lady A lady like she never was before She's finished, it's a cert, washing father's Sunday shirt She'll never turn the mangle any more Now Mother she can stay in bed on washing day She don't seem to mind it For all the washing to the laundry's done In the bag wash now you will find it.
URL: - 11KB - 15 Sep 2013
10. Which Of The Three? - Lily Morris
Refrain: I don't know whether to wed the dark one or the fair Or the one with a little moustache and ginger hair The dark one is tall, the other four foot eight The ginger one is bandy so he can't be very straight Who is it to be? Which one of the three? It's keeping me awake at night 'Cos yer can't take 'em back and change them If they don't turn out all right.
URL: - 11KB - 15 Sep 2013

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