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1. Sam Mayo's Mirth Mixture - Sam Mayo
My brother Jim and I one day, put a penny each, it's true, And went and bought a can of beer to share between the two, He said, 'We'll drink a half apiece, you drink yours first,' said he, I took the can and drank the lot, then he exclaimed to me,
URL: - 15KB - 02 Jun 2014
2. He's Gone To Where They Don't Play Billiards - Sam Mayo
Chorus: He's gone to where they don't play billiards Gone where they don't play cards Gone where they don't give racing tips Where they don't sell fish and chips No one ever goes there to see a cricket match He's gone where there's no train to catch.
URL: - 12KB - 02 Aug 2013
3. The Chinaman - Sam Mayo
A Chinaman am I as you can see. Ching a lally ang kang kar I come from a place called Pic-ca-dil-liee Where the climate's very warm Now ladies don't get nervous 'cos I'm very very tame And before I sing another verse I'll just tell you my name. It's Ching Chang Wing Wang Bing Bang Boo Known from Piccadilly up to Tim-buc-too...
URL: - 11KB - 02 Aug 2013
4. Ha-Ha-Ha-He-He-He! - Sam Mayo ~ Ben Albert
I am a merry sort of chap, that's me I laugh ha-ha and I laugh he-he At anything funny, well, I simply shriek Me father had his hand blown off last week. Chorus: Ha, ha, ha, he, he, he Me father simply roared the same as me 'It could have been worse,' I said with a grin 'It might have been the hand with the wages in.'
URL: - 12KB - 02 Aug 2013
5. At A Minute To Seven, Last Night - Sam Mayo
Hush! What do you think? I'm as scared as a mouse The people say we've got a ghost in the house I made up my mind I would settle that ghost So armed with a flat-iron, I took up my post Chorus: At a minute to seven last night I had a most terrible shock...
URL: - 12KB - 02 Aug 2013
6. I Went Round The Following Morn - Sam Mayo
Last Friday night at twelve o'clock, I met a pal of mine, He'd been out dining with a lady charmer so divine; He told me all the games they played, I winked and then said, "Yes, If she's as nice as that, old feller, give me her address."
URL: - 12KB - 04 Sep 2014
7. Far, Far Away - Sam Mayo
I went to a race-course last July, far, far away I backed a horse called 'Kidney Pie' far, far away My horse it won, I danced with glee, I went to draw my L.S.D. But the bookmaker, where was he? Far, far away.
URL: - 10KB - 12 Jun 2014
8. We Don't Want Another War - Sam Mayo
We don't want another war, Anymore, anymore, anymore. Don't want cheers, Don't want tears, Or 'Madamoiselle From Armentiers' If they fire those Tom-tiddley-om-toms, Or drop those Bom-tiddley-om-boms...
URL: - 10KB - 13 Sep 2014
9. The Pushing Young Man - Sam Mayo
A firm advertised for a Pushing young man, I thought that will just do for me, Now, I'm very Pushing, so I Pushed off quick, To Push myself in, don't you see; The place was a woodyard and on the front gate, I saw the word 'Push' on a little brass plate,
URL: - 13KB - 14 Oct 2014
10. Wallah, Wallah Wallaperoo - Sam Mayo
Chorus: Is Wallah, Wallah, Wallah, Wallah, Wallaperoo, My name out there, it's true, has puzzled one or two, 'Dirty' was my father's name, it put me in a fog, 'Cos mother's name was 'Doggie, so they called me 'Dirty Dog'.
URL: - 11KB - 15 Sep 2013

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