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1. Whit Cunliffe's Book Of Popular Songs - Whit Cunliffe
Chorus: Whether it's right or wrong, we must have the song Whatever they put before us as long as we know the chorus Some are rum, but let them come tho' silly, we like the sound Of a good old Chorus: song, it makes the world go round.
URL: - 12KB - 15 Sep 2013
2. Follow Me, Girls - Whit Cunliffe
Chorus: 'Follow me, girls. Follow me, girls. That's if you've got nothing on tonight. Fall in, fall in, girls of every kind, Right turn, quick march, don't be left behind. Do you drink, girls? Do you think, girls, You could make Ma, let you have the key, Do you like a bit of fun, when your day's work's done? Right-ho girls, follow me.'
URL: - 12KB - 02 Apr 2013
3. Fair, Fat And Forty - Whit Cunliffe ~ Florrie Forde
Chorus: I'm fair, fat and forty I'm sound in wind and limb Folks may smile but I don't heed I'm built for comfort not not speed The men just think I'm wonderful At least that's what they say Oh, I'm fair, fat and forty Getting younger every day.
URL: - 11KB - 09 Dec 2012
4. Tight Skirts Have Got To Go - Whit Cunliffe
Chorus: 'Tight skirts have got to go! Tight skirts have got to go! Hobble skirts have had their day That's what all the papers say. 'Tight skirts have got to go! Girls, I'm asking you. Why can't the petticoats and blouses, And other little things, go too?
URL: - 11KB - 15 Sep 2013
5. Up She Goes - Whit Cunliffe
Chorus: And, up she goes, up she goes, Before you know where you are. Just like a shooting star, Doesn't it seem peculiar? 'Ease her! stop her! That is your one refrain, But before you can say 'Hello, hello!' Up she goes again.
URL: - 11KB - 15 Sep 2013
6. I'd A Divil Of A Time Last Night - Whit Cunliffe
Chorus: All through being Mephistopheles, at the fancy ball. All the men went, 'Oh! Oh! Oh!' He's come to take us with him, down below.' I kissed all the lovely ladies, I gave them all a surprise. All through being Mephistopheles I'd a Divil of a time last night.
URL: - 11KB - 15 Sep 2013
7. The Matrimonial Handicap - Whit Cunliffe
Chorus: Have a bit on the lad, back her every time You go nap on the matrimonial handicap She'll get home in a canter. Poor married man It's a thousand and one on him rolling home With the 'Also ran.'
URL: - 11KB - 15 Sep 2013
8. There's No Place Like London - Whit Cunliffe
Chorus: There's no place like London There's no place like... good old London's city Where the girls are young and pretty And the boys are gay, hip, hip, hooray I don't want to go to USA. There's no place like London The town that never wears a frown So Ohio I'm not a-going, I can do my Ohiowing Way down in London Town.
URL: - 11KB - 15 Sep 2013
9. In These Hard Times - Whit Cunliffe
Chorus: 'In these hard times you've got to put up with anything In these hard times you mustn't pick and choose' And if you're nice, and squeeze her tight She'll ask you round tomorrow night If you don't mind sitting without a light In these hard times.
URL: - 11KB - 15 Sep 2013
10. Knocking At Every Door - Whit Cunliffe
Chorus: 'I've been knocking at every door, ringing on every bell, Trying to find the furnished room where I left, my little Nell. I left her on her own while I went out on business, I've got a honeymoon, waiting for me, But I don't know where it is!'
URL: - 12KB - 15 Sep 2013

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