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11. The Telegraph Girl - George Leybourne
Tap, tap, tap and a click, click, click, All day they sing and laugh. With a tap, tap, tap and a click, click, click, As they work the telegraph.
URL: - 13KB - 15 Sep 2013
12. The Dark Girl Dress'd In Blue - George Leybourne ~ Harry Clifton
From a village away in Leicestershire to London here I came To see the Exhibition and all places of great fame But what I suffered since I came I now will tell to you How I lost my heart and senses too, thro' a dark girl dress'd in blue. Chorus: She was a fine girl, fol de riddle I do A charmer, fol de riddle eh.
URL: - 13KB - 17 Aug 2013
13. Bloomsbury Square - George Leybourne
Bloomsbury Square! Bloomsbury Square! Seldom I'd met with a darling so fair, Lovely brown hair! right down to there! And the angel she hung out in Bloomsbury Square!
URL: - 14KB - 17 Aug 2013
14. Captain Cuff - George Leybourne
Chorus: Captain Cuff, Captain Cuff, you can tell me by my collar Captain Cuff, Captain Cuff, tho' I'm not worth half a dollar I'm awfully stiff in style, as my cigarette I puff They cry 'Hi, clear the way here comes Captain Cuff.'
URL: - 11KB - 28 Apr 2013
15. The Comet Of The West - George Leybourne
I'm the comet of the West, in the shade I put the rest All others are my satelites you see But mooning's not my game, I've won my way to fame And they all have to stand aside for me Chorus: Shout boys, shout and lets be jolly Stand aside and let this swell go past I like to do the grand with a short cane in my hand For by jove, you see the comet's come at last.
URL: - 11KB - 28 Apr 2013
16. The Gymnastic Wife - George Leybourne
Some folks think that women ought to be athletic-muscular strong Alas, I used to think so too, when I courted Lucinda Long When a mere girl she then could do over six good miles an hour And in the way of feats of strength she'd most remarkable power. Chorus: My wife's so strong and all day long She frightens me out of my life What ever you do, oh, what ever you do Don't have a...
URL: - 11KB - 28 Apr 2013
17. Father Says I May - George Leybourne
Chorus: 'Father says I may, Georgie, Father says I may Of course you can't say no, Georgie, if Father says I may Father says I may, Georgie, Father says I may So don't say, 'no' for it's no 'go', since Father says I may.
URL: - 10KB - 28 Apr 2013
18. Where's My Dolly Gone To? - George Leybourne
Oh! where's my Dolly gone to, Gone to, gone to, I've searched for her night and morn, too, Oh! where has my Dolly gone?
URL: - 14KB - 01 Dec 2013
19. The Barber's Apprentice Boy - George Leybourne
Of William Brown of Horselydown, The Barbers Apprentice boy; I now will sing a tragedy, Of this hibity hobety hoy: Ah! foolish lad, he fell in love, With the cook, but she was coy; And turned her nose up with disdain, At the Barber's Apprentice boy.
URL: - 11KB - 13 May 2013
20. The Gay Masquerade - George leybourne
Some like garden parties, some like flower shows, For doing some spooning, just under the rose, Some are partial to concerts, or lectures so staid, But my weakness I fear, is the gay masquerade. Chorus: I'm awfully fond of the gay masquerade, The gay masquerade, the bright masquerade, With sweet, pretty darlings in costume arrayed, The gay masquerade for me.
URL: - 11KB - 15 May 2013

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