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31. I Knew That I Was Dreaming - George Leybourne
Dreams are the strangest things in life, So fanciful, yet real; Sometimes depicting scenes of strife; In others they reveal, Such happiness that were it not, Some sign the spell was breaking, That we were sleeping we'd forget, And fancy we were waking.
URL: - 14KB - 15 Sep 2013
32. The Beautiful Columbine - George Leybourne
I ne'er shall forget last Christmas time, Nor yet the eventful night, When I went to see a pantomime, And fell deeply in love at first sight. 'Twas not with a beauty who sat in the stalls, Nor one in the boxes so fine, But a creature so fair, with luxurious hair, The fairy-like Columbine.
URL: - 12KB - 18 May 2013
33. Good-Bye Polly - George Leybourne
I loved a girl named Polly, I thought that she loved me, So joined a ship to take a trip, across the briny sea. And when the morning had arrived for me to sail away, I gave the lass a parting kiss and then to her did say, Chorus: Good-bye Polly I must leave you, Let us hope the parting will not grieve you. The ship it sails today, some thousand miles away, So think of me when I am...
URL: - 11KB - 18 Aug 2013
34. Pretty Little Flora - George Leybourne
Pretty little Flora serves behind the bar, Bass's bitter ales and porters; I stand there all the day and cannot keep away, It breaks my heart to leave my little Flora.
URL: - 12KB - 23 Nov 2013
35. Awfully Clever - George Leybourne
But they tell me I'm awfully clevar, Oh! so clevar, deuced clevar; The say that they nevar, no nevar, Met a fella so clevar before.
URL: - 13KB - 23 Nov 2013
36. Dear Me! Is That Possible? - George Leybourne
I'm very, very well and I'm glad to tell, That I'm always gay and hearty, I'm very, very well and I'm glad to tell, I belong to a healthy party!
URL: - 14KB - 25 Nov 2013
37. Gold, Gold, Gold! - George Leybourne
Gold, Gold, Gold! I love to hear it's jingle, Gold, Gold, Gold! It's power is untold, We men strive hard to store it, And woman, she'll adore it, The best friend that a man can have is Gold, Gold, Gold!
URL: - 13KB - 26 Nov 2013
38. The Mouse-Trap Man - George Leybourne
'Mouse-traps, mouse-traps,' he'd cry. 'Mouse-traps, fine mouse-traps, who'll buy? Strong as a house, just have one and see. Mouse-traps a penny, a penny. Who'll buy?'
URL: - 14KB - 26 Nov 2013
39. Don't Make A Noise Or Else You'll Wake The Baby! - George Leybourne
Don't make a noise or else you'll wake the baby, Don't make a noise or else you'll wake the child, Don't make a row, or you'll disturb the infant, I feel so awfully, awfully jolly, I think I shall go wild.
URL: - 14KB - 26 Nov 2013
40. The Bold Fisherman - George Leybourne
There was once a bold Fisherman, Who sailed forth from Billingsgate, To catch the mild bloater And the gay mackerel, But when he arrove off Pimlico, The wind it did begin to blow. And his little boat it wibble-wobbled so,
URL: - 11KB - 28 Apr 2013

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