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11. Bang Went The Chance Of A Lifetime by George Robey
Now old aunt Rebecca is rich; She's the Dowager Duchess of Diddle. When she dies I inherit a million or so, But the old girl's as fit as a fiddle.
URL: - 7KB - 24 Dec 2017
12. Archibald, Certainly Not by George Robey
It's no use me denying facts, I'm henpecked, you can see! Twas on our wedding day my wife commenced to peck at me, The wedding breakfast over, I said, 'We'll start off today, Upon our honeymoon.'
URL: - 7KB - 24 Dec 2017
13. A Little Idea Of My Own by George Robey
The day Brown got married, he did look upset, He was bubbly with anticipation, Which later he found to his bitter regret, Was better than realisation
URL: - 7KB - 24 Dec 2017
14. I Shouldn't Be At All Surprised by George Robey
I am not the sort of chap to be surprised at anything, By nature I am what you'd call phlegmatic, When strange events occur I just raise my eyebrows so, And really that is almost always automatic.
URL: - 7KB - 24 Dec 2017
15. The First Time I've Ever Done That by George Robey
I do like a girl who is modest and shy, And who thinks it's naughty to spoon. If a boy holds her hand, she will tremble and cry, If he gives her a squeeze she will swoon.
URL: - 7KB - 24 Dec 2017
16. We Parted The Best Of Friends by George Robey
When I went on my honeymoon, some years ago, I thought, 'Now I'll find what married bliss is! But one little circumstance spoiled the show, For the wife's mother came with the missus!
URL: - 8KB - 24 Dec 2017
17. Another Little Drink - George Robey (The Bing Boys)
Chorus: Another little drink, another little drink Another little drink wouldn't do us any harm Another little drink, another little drink Another little drink wouldn't do us any harm.
URL: - 10KB - 15 Aug 2013
18. The Artist - George Robey
I'm an artist that ought to be 'hung' in the Royal Acadamy That is to say my pictures hung upon the line should be My subjects are poetic - my style is quite aesthetic My pictures seem to cast a spell, but strange to say they never sell. Chorus: Take my word I'm very very clever, But I really don't know why I'm living in a garret, my style is eighteen carat But you'll want to buy...
URL: - 11KB - 15 Aug 2013
19. The Editress - George Robey
Chorus: I run the Daily Chronic It's a classic, it's a tonic But up till now the trade is rather slack For as fast as I start sending out my copies through the post My readers tear them up and send them back.
URL: - 11KB - 15 Aug 2013
20. As A Friend - George Robey
Chorus: As a friend, it was my duty, as a friend To do my best for him right to the end His ma-in-law was such a bounder But I dived down and found her Then I sat on her and drowned her As a friend.
URL: - 11KB - 15 Aug 2013

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