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51. Quite Alright - George Robey
I jumped inside a bus today, was much annoyed to find That when the man came for the fares I'd left my purse behind The passengers all rudely stared and oh, I did turn red The conductor rang the bell, and then he turned to me and said, Chorus: It's alright, quite alright And the way he spoke to me was most polite He didn't rave or cuss, there was not the slightest fuss He said,...
URL: - 12KB - 15 Sep 2013
52. I Shouldn't Be At All Surprised - George Robey
I am not the sort of chap to be surprised at anything By nature I am what you'd call phlegmatic When strange events occur I just raise my eyebrows so And really that is almost always automatic One day in Leicester Square, a lady friend I chanced to meet She threw her arms around my neck and kissed me in the street
URL: - 12KB - 15 Sep 2013
53. I Shall Sleep Well Tonight - George Robey
Chorus: You'd better go straight back to bed You've been worrying, that's what it is I can see by your face you are easily led And habits like that would turn anyone's head Your heart and your brains have both disappeared You've been tying your garters too tight Take this physic tomorrow, if you're still alive.' I said, 'Thanks, I shall sleep well tonight.
URL: - 12KB - 15 Sep 2013
54. I Wasn't Sure - George Robey
A careful man in me you spy With a 'look before you leapful eye' Ere I to a conclusion jump I ponder things well in my chump I overslept quite late this morn My city train and bus had gone I seemed to be in such a plight And wondered was I boozed last night? Chorus: I wasn't sure, I wasn't sure If I'd been boozed or not the night before But when I found I'd squashed my hat And...
URL: - 12KB - 15 Sep 2013
55. A Little Idea Of My Own - George Robey
The day Brown got married, he did look upset,He was bubbly with anticipation Which later he found to his bitter regret Was better than realisation As he sat in the train on his honeymoon tour The blushing bride said, coy and demure 'Oh that kind guard has labelled the carriage 'engaged' Did he get that idea all alone?' And Brown said 'Yes, and what's more, I've just locked the...
URL: - 12KB - 15 Sep 2013
56. I Live Underneath - George Robey
In a nice little house that I know, there's a family living there, Half a score, second floor, they'd make any parson swear; The old man is a red-nosed boozer, and he comes home full of damp, Raves and swears, falls upstairs, upsets the paraffin lamp. Mother's waiting with a clock-weight, there's a yell and somebody's hit, Then they start to smash the furniture, I shouldn't mind,...
URL: - 12KB - 15 Sep 2013
57. It's The First Time I've Ever Done That - George Robey
I do like a girl who is modest and shy And who thinks it's naughty to spoon. If a boy holds her hand, she will tremble and cry If he gives her a squeeze she will swoon. Should he, perchance ask, for one little kiss She'll tremble all over and say something like this... 'Oh, Algernon pardon my blushes I'm not used to this sort of thing.
URL: - 12KB - 15 Sep 2013
58. I Think That'll Do For Today - George Robey
The noble art of self defence appeals to every man of sense And so I thought that I'd commence to take some boxing lessons I found a bruiser - put them on - the third round I declined I got some sticking plaster, and said, 'Thanks, if you don't mind, Chorus: 'I think that'll do for today, I think that'll do for today You've broken my fifth rib, and think it so fine You've knocked...
URL: - 12KB - 15 Sep 2013
59. The Simple Pimple - George Robey
Chorus: They knew her by the pimple, simple pimple And someone's sure to know her, no matter where she goes Said one, 'You court her Sunday, some other cove on Monday.' They knew her by the pimple, the pimple on her nose.
URL: - 12KB - 15 Sep 2013
60. Kindness Rewarded - George Robey
I really can't help being kind To everyone, young, old, or blind. At a concert held some time ago For charity's sweet sake, you know The neighbours said they'd like to hear My baritone voice ringing, So I went on the concert stage That night and started singing. Chorus: I was rewarded for my kindness Had it been a nice bouquet I wouldn't mind. But they struck me on the head with a...
URL: - 12KB - 15 Sep 2013

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