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11. Boiled Beef And Carrots - Harry Champion
Chorus: Boiled beef and carrots, Boiled beef and carrots That's the stuff for your 'darby-kel' Makes you fat and it keeps you well Don't live like vegetarians, on the stuff they give to parrots From morn till night, blow out your kite On boiled beef and carrots.
URL: - 11KB - 13 Nov 2013
12. Any Old Rags? - Harry Champion
Chorus: 'Any old rags, any old rags,' that's what I keep shouting I did look a don with my khaki on, But now I've got it off, don't I look a cough-drop? 'Guy, guy, guy,' the boys all cry, as I run around the houses Got a bob-tailed coat and a funny little hat But I've got no blinking trousers.
URL: - 11KB - 13 Nov 2013
13. Dick, Dick, With Your Walking Stick - Harry Champion
Chorus: 'Dick, Dick, don't forget to take your walking stick Don't forget to take your walking stick, Dick, Dick When strolling down the 'Dilly' or a going up the Strand Don't forget to have the old malacca in your hand.'
URL: - 11KB - 13 Nov 2013
14. Cover It Over Quick, Jemima - Harry Champion
Chorus: Cover it over quick Jemima, cover it over quick Get the fork and hold it tight But mind, the bounder wants to bite Oh, the smell It's getting strong and thick Now give a tap on the parson's nose And cover it over quick.
URL: - 11KB - 13 Nov 2013
15. All The Dogs Went Bow-Wow-Wow - Harry Champion
A week or two ago, by accident you know I tore my Sunday breeches right behind I showed 'em to my wife, the treasure of my life And spoke to her so tenderly and kind Said I, 'I want these trousers patched With something that'll stand a bit of wear But don't use stuff that's hard or stiff Or I shall be inclined to do a swear.' She obeyed me, there's no doubt, But the next time I...
URL: - 12KB - 13 Nov 2013
16. Belinda The Barber-ous - Harry Champion
Chorus: When she got upon the job she must have been a bit hi-ti For she gave me a wink that made me think I'd better bid the world good-bye I was in a funk - couldn't do a bunk, dared not move or talk While my Belinda cut my hair with the carving knife and fork.
URL: - 12KB - 13 Nov 2013
17. In My Old White Spats - Harry Champion
In my old white spats I walk along the street, Walk along the street with my old white spats on, Round the houses, in me flannel trousers, In me old half-crown straw hat on, And the kids all cry as I pass by, High-diddly-eye-die comes another guy, Harold with his old white spats on.
URL: - 12KB - 13 Nov 2013
18. Any Old Thing Will Do - Harry Champion
Chorus: 'Any old thing will do Any old thing will do-do-do As long as she's got money She'll suit me to a T Got no nose, got no legs, Got no teeth, got no hair I don't care - any old thing will do.'
URL: - 12KB - 13 Nov 2013
19. Don't Do It Again, Matilda - Harry Champion
Chorus: 'Don't do it again Matilda, don't do it again! Your beautiful teeth may be quite tip-top But they seem to take me for a steak or a chop Help! help! they're making me yelp They ought to be kept on a chain Put 'em back in their place in that hole in your face And don't do it again.'
URL: - 12KB - 13 Nov 2013
20. Aunt Tilly - Harry Champion
Our old Auntie Tilly, she's just come to stay with us. She'll do anything we want, she never makes a fuss. Yesterday we sent her out to get the shoppin' in; When the butcher spotted 'er 'e shouted with a grin: Chorus: Oh Aunt Tilly, if you want some meat, Walk into the shop old dear, we'll let you have a treat. Oh Aunt Tilly, a loverly joint for you I've found. She made a grab and...
URL: - 12KB - 13 Nov 2013

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