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71. Everybody Knows Me In My Old Brown Hat - Harry Champion
Chorus: Everybody knows me in my old brown hat That I've got upon my pim-pim-pimple It only cast me a tanner down the cut But it looks alright on my little wooden nut Oh I say, what do you think of that? If I can't get what I order in a pot I'll have it in my old brown hat.
URL: - 12KB - 28 Oct 2012
72. The End Of My Old Cigar - Harry Champion
Chorus: That's the end of my old cigar, Hoorah! Hoorah! oorah! I stroll up Piccadilly and they fancy I'm the Shah I've kept it now for twenty years to do the la-di-da And I'd rather lose my job then the end of my old cigar.
URL: - 13KB - 30 Oct 2012
73. The Girl With The Golden Hair - Harry Champion
I met a young lady one night at a dance. I said, 'Let me kiss you. Oh, give me the chance! What is your name? Is it Gertie or Flo?' She said, 'Well, the people all call me you know, CHORUS: The girl with the golden hair. I'm glad my old girl wasn't there, For under a palm I kept pinching the arm Of the girl with the golden hair
URL: - 11KB - 04 Dec 2012
74. Here Comes Old Father Christmas - Harry Champion
Here comes old Father Christmas, Pop into your cosy bed. All aboard for dreamland! Cover your curly head. Daddy'll blow the light out, So 'ang up your tiny socks, And when you're asleep, Down the chimney 'e'll creep, And you'll all have a Christmas box.
URL: - 12KB - 13 Nov 2013
75. C.A.R.R.O.T.Y - Harry Champion
And they all shout, 'Wotcha, Carroty! What-wha-wha-what-what, Carroty! Ain't your Barnet Fair OK? Warms your hands on a wintry day. Looks like a danger signal on a railway train, you see.' C.A.R.R.O.T.Y, Carroty, that's me!
URL: - 12KB - 13 Nov 2013
76. It's Cold Without Your Trousers - Harry Champion
It's cold without your trousers. I feel cold without my trousers. I'm so flushed I'm like the Scotch They sell in public houses. I never wore a kilt before. Up above it's warm, I'm sure. Down in the bottom, oh dear, oh lor! It's cold without your trousers.
URL: - 12KB - 13 Nov 2013
77. P.C. Green - Harry Champion
I'm glad that I'm a member of the force, I'm little Billy Green, P.C. I only walk about in my uniform of blue, Absolutely nothing else to do. do. do; When people have a row and want to fight, I shut my eyes and then I can't see, I don't interfere with them And they never interfere with me!
URL: - 13KB - 13 Nov 2013
78. Have A Drop Of Gin, Joe - Harry Champion
Have a drop of gin, Joe, gin, Joe, gin, Joe. Have a drop of gin, Joe, do. A little drop of gin, Joey, never hurt me, And I'm sure a drop of gin, Joe, can't hurt you. Have a drop of old gin, old gin, old gin. People say it's better than the new. So give your mind a gin, Joe, gin Joe, gin, Joe. Have a drop of gin, Joe, do.
URL: - 13KB - 13 Nov 2013
79. Red, White and Blue - Harry Champion
Three cheers for the red, white and blue! They got me the sack, it is so true. When the old girl said, 'How did you lose your job, Clarence?' I said: Three cheers for the red, white and blue!
URL: - 13KB - 13 Nov 2013
80. We've All Been Having A Go At It - Harry Champion
Chorus: We've all been having a go at it All been having a go at it Somebody's pinched its wings and toes I had a bit off the Parson's nose Oh, good gracious, didn't we make a show Seventeen of us... beside myself... And we've all been having a go.
URL: - 11KB - 15 Sep 2013

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