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101. You Can't Stop A Girl From Thinking - Marie Lloyd
Chorus: I mustn't tell you what I mean! Mustn'y tell you what I've seen! Every that's risky must be dropped, Well, I've been stopped for winking! Mustn't tell you what I've heard! Mustn't say a naughty word! So help my bob, It's a jolly good job, They can't stop a girl from thinking!
URL: - 13KB - 15 Sep 2013
102. Whacky, Whacky, Whack! - Marie Lloyd
Chorus: Tooral, looral, lido! tooral, looral, lay! They whack you half a minute, you feel it half a day, I hate the horrid board school, so does brother Jack, I tell you straight we get too much, Whacky, whacky, whack!
URL: - 10KB - 15 Sep 2013
103. Buy Me Some Almond Rock - Marie Lloyd
I feel so glad, I never had Such joy within my heart I've been asked out, and without doubt I'm dying to make a start I've never been to a ball, nor been Allowed out after dark I'll mash the men, nine out of ten Oh, won't it be a lark. Chorus: Only fancy if Gladstone's there And falls in love with me If I run across Labouchere I'll ask him home to tea...
URL: - 11KB - 29 Nov 2012
104. And The Leaves Began To Fall - Marie Lloyd
They had been out for the day, and they'd somehow lost their way In a forest, for the hour was getting late Both the maiden and her swain thought 'We'll do in our last train' And the maiden got in quite a nervous state It was early autumn time, and the scenery was sublime All around them lay the falling leaves of brown 'Never mind the train' said he, 'We can hire a motor,see' She...
URL: - 11KB - 29 Nov 2012
105. Come Along, Let's Make It Up - Marie & Alice Lloyd
Seated down to breakfast, little Mrs. Youngwife, With her loving hub is chatting now; Life has been a round of honeymooning bliss, For never have they had what's called 'a row.' 'Gertie! somethings wrong, my darling, with the cocoa; Really it seems more like 'husband's tea.' 'Oh! you horrid brute, I'll go home to my mother; You are getting tired of me, I see.
URL: - 12KB - 29 Nov 2012
106. Everything In The Garden's Lovely - Marie Lloyd
Chorus: Everything in the garden is absolutely grand Everything in the garden is great, you'll understand Wallop comes the painter's pot And the dandy cops the lot, Then everything in the garden's lovely. A tasty little tit-bit; Yes a breach of promise case And everything in the garden's lovely The maiden gives her evidence, with blushes on her face...
URL: - 13KB - 29 Nov 2012
107. G'arn Away - Marie Lloyd
Chorus: 'G'arn away! do you take me for a silly? G'arn away! do you take me for a jay? Yer think yer've got me for a mug, well I'm sure, Strike me up a mulberry, what d'yer take me for, Eh!'
URL: - 11KB - 30 Nov 2012
108. And The Finish Was, She Did! - Lily Lena
Chorus: 'I don't think I would, and I'm not sure that I should For it isn't quite just the thing that's right So I would not if I could, could, could If you think it's fun, I don't And my answer is I won't For I know I can't And I'm sure I shan't' And the finish was, she did!
URL: - 11KB - 15 Apr 2014

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