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31. There They Are, The Two Of Them On Their Own - Marie Lloyd
Chorus: There they are, The two of them on their own In the parlour, alone, alone, alone They've given me half a crown To run away and play Li-ti-id-dle-dy Hi-ti-id-dle-dy Hi-ti-id-dle-dy-ay.
URL: - 11KB - 15 Sep 2013
32. What Did She Know About Railways - Marie Lloyd
Chorus: She arrived at Euston by the midnight train But when she got to the wicket there Someone wanted to punch her ticket The guards and porters came round by the score And she told them all she'd never had her ticket punched before.
URL: - 11KB - 15 Sep 2013
33. The Shop Girl - Marie Lloyd
I'm a little shop girl, in the drap'ry line Working in a City firm from nine till nine Fellows say I'm charming, and they make a fuss When we meet each morning in the ha'p'ny bus Offer me the Telegraph in winning way Say, 'It's rather parky-like this morning, eh? You seen 'Charley's Aunt' yet? Oh it's fine, so bright I'll take you there one night!'
URL: - 11KB - 15 Sep 2013
34. I'm A Good Girl Now - Marie Lloyd
While at hostilities I showed my abilities, In different directions, don't you know, Now I feel so parky, Since I left my khaki, For in khaki I was very warm, what ho! I've been decorated, decorated in the field, Tho' in the field may seem a funny place, Perhaps you think I'm fibbing, If you like I'll show my ribbon, I can also show a dainty bit of lace:
URL: - 11KB - 15 Sep 2013
35. The Spanish Señora - Marie Lloyd
Chorus: The Spanish Senora, the swells all adore her And often before her guitars they will strum She trips on her toe a bit, her ankles to show a bit Don't you think she doesn't know a bit Tiddle-um-pom-pom.
URL: - 11KB - 15 Sep 2013
36. Of Course - Marie Lloyd
There are many wise and silly items scribbled by the Muse Well, of course! Well, of course And men do very silly things, when they go on the booze Well, of course! Well, of course And when a fellow's gone upon some dainty little miss He shouldn't seek to worry her - make eyes ar steal a kiss No, quietly enamour her, and wait for wedded bliss Well, of course! Why, of course.
URL: - 11KB - 15 Sep 2013
37. No 'Arry, Don't Ask Me To Marry - Marie Lloyd
Chorus: No, 'Arry don't ask me to marry Oblige me and let me be I've got my Mother, my sister, and brother At 'ome and dependin' on me There's a ring you gave me a year ago today Take it back, 'twill remind you of me when you're miles away.
URL: - 11KB - 15 Sep 2013
38. What's That For, Eh? - Marie Lloyd
Chorus: 'What's that for, eh? Tell me Ma If you don't tell me I'll ask Pa' But Ma said, 'Oh its no thing shut your row' Well, I've asked Johnny Jones, see So I know now.
URL: - 12KB - 15 Sep 2013
39. Story Of A Clothes Line - Marie Lloyd
In a small back garden hangs an old clothes line Supported by a small clothes prop And every Monday morning wet or fine The washing hangs out upon that line And it tells a silent story for those who'd care to know How a bachelor used to own the house As the clothes line used to show.
URL: - 12KB - 15 Sep 2013
40. You're A Thing Of The Past, Old Dear - Marie Lloyd
On a quiet afternoon in the cosy bar saloon Of The 'Mother's Arms' a well known pub in town Missis Green had just popped in, for a weeny nip of gin Strange coincidence! and so had Missis Brown One or two small nips and then - Mrs Green she talked like ten 'My old man, today, called me an ugly cat Ah, but not so long ago, I was beautiful you know I remember when he wouldn't have...
URL: - 12KB - 15 Sep 2013

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