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81. Clever, Ain't You? - Marie Lloyd
It was on a Monday, not so long ago, I thought in the country I would go you know Got upon my safety, rode away in style Wore my Sunday bloomers, and my Sunday smile Suddenly - oh dear, oh dear, an accident occurred I fell off that blooming bike, in manner too absurd Went in a muddy ditch, and rather cooled my blood I said, when a chap cried, 'Misery and mud.'
URL: - 12KB - 29 Nov 2012
82. Every Little Movement - Marie Lloyd
Chorus: And every little movement has meaning of its own Every little movement tells a tale When she walks in dainty hobbles At the back round here, There's a kind of wibble-wobble And she glides like this Then the Jonnies follow in her trail 'Cos when she turns her head like so Something's going, don't you know Every little movement tells a tale
URL: - 12KB - 29 Nov 2012
83. Hulloa, Hulloa, Hulloa - Marie Lloyd
A lot of things we perpetrate are very nice, no doubt Until we're, by some blunder, unexpectedly found out For instance, take the fellow who at ball or garden fete Retires to the conservatory to have a tete-a-tete, with Kate. Chorus: For if, by chance, you enter, you hear a mild report (kiss) You'll say, 'I beg your pardon' (or something of the sort) And presently you see them -...
URL: - 12KB - 29 Nov 2012
84. Feminine Moods And Tenses - Marie Lloyd
When in the near vicinity of any femininity It's marvellous to note the 'moods and tenses' she'll display It's first 'I will' and then 'I won't' and then 'Oh do' and then 'Oh don't.' Sweet woman is as changeable as any April day Just see her in a milliner's, she's come to chose a hat 'Oh yes, these toques are all 'the go' this year Don't you think it's too big, rather? Wear it back...
URL: - 12KB - 29 Nov 2012
85. Chance Your Luck - Marie Lloyd
Chorus: Chance your luck, chance your luck You kiss her quick, then find out by and bye That the one who's got the kisses is the slavey, not the missus Well you never know your luck until you try.
URL: - 12KB - 29 Nov 2012
86. And She Lisped When She Said 'Yes' - Marie Lloyd ~ Marie Loftus
Coyly came a maiden, tripping Gracefully along The Strand, One summer afternoon, And a johnnie there espied her As quite lost she seemed to stand, That summer afternoon. 'Oh, sir, can you please inform me Where the 'Griffin' is?' said she, The swell could do no less; He said, You are a stranger In the city, I can see.' And she lisped when she said, 'Yes!'
URL: - 13KB - 29 Nov 2012
87. Among My Knick-Knacks - Marie Lloyd
Chorus: There you are, picture spoiled! Not fit to place among my knick-knacks Every picture that I find Of a rather tasty kind I put it in my drawer among my knick-knacks
URL: - 14KB - 29 Nov 2012
88. Don't Laugh - Marie Lloyd
If a nice young curate's mashed on you. Don't laugh For a curate can be good and true. Don't smile He's the mildest of all mild young men Be on your best behaviour then And though he must be in by ten, Don't say anything to shock him.
URL: - 10KB - 29 Nov 2012
89. Kitty Carney - Marie Lloyd
Chorus: Kitty Carney wait for me, For I'm coming back to you; I will love you all my life, As long as your heart is true. I will soon be home again, And when I cross the sea, I'll make you my own little wife, If you'll only wait for me.
URL: - 10KB - 15 Sep 2013
90. You Ain't Ashamed O' Me, Are You, Bill? - Marie Lloyd ~ Rosie Lloyd
Chorus: 'You ain't ashamed o' me, are you, Bill? You ain't ashamed o' me? You didn't expect a lady, Under e coster's 'cady?' Tho' some o' your rich relations are as 'orty as can be; Don't turn away, but kiss me, an' say that you ain't ashamed o' me!"
URL: - 11KB - 15 Sep 2013

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