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21. Oh Amelia - Vesta Victoria
Our little family's awfully poor - it fairly takes the palm I always seem to have father's trousers underneath my arm I have to pawn 'em to raise the L.S.D. And 'Uncle' at the pawn shop is awfully fond of me My father's found it out - it fills him with delight He says, 'Keep on courting him.' and shouts with all his might.
URL: - 10KB - 15 Sep 2013
22. Wedding Bells - Vesta Victoria
Chorus: Wedding bells, wedding bells, How I love your melody You ring your bells for other gals, but never ring for me On the shelf, by myself, I've been lying all my life I wonder if I ever shall be, somebody's darling wife.
URL: - 10KB - 15 Sep 2013
23. Take Me In A Taxi, Joe - Vesta Victoria
Chorus: 'Take me in a taxi, Joe, all around the town we'll go You can kiss me down the Strand In Piccadilly squeeze my hand Tickle me, in Leicester Square and make me smile Love me, all round Regent's Park, at eight pence a mile.'
URL: - 10KB - 15 Sep 2013
24. His Lordship - Vesta Victoria
Chorus: Lord Claude, John, James, Marmeduke, Percival, itzhenry Brown He's going to marry me, take me in society And when I'm tied to him I'll be Lady Mary Ann And you'll hear me introducing him to everyone I meet As His Lordship - My old man.
URL: - 11KB - 18 Sep 2012
25. Bid Me Good-Bye Forever - Vesta Victoria
Chorus: 'Bid me good-bye forever Never come back no more Think of the 'eart you've gone and broke Of the donah you used to adore Marry the girl you fancy I wish you luck I do I mean to tarry, 'cos I'll never marry If I can't be tied to you'.
URL: - 10KB - 18 Oct 2012
26. An Old Man's Darling - Vesta Victoria
Chorus: Some girls, when they think of marriage, get about all they can Some girls, when they think of marriage, fancy a nice young man But I'm not so inclined, for none of these things I crave I'd rather be an old man's darling than a young man's slave.
URL: - 10KB - 18 Nov 2012
27. 'Ackney With The 'Ouses Took Away - Vesta Victoria
I've been staying in the country for a week among the green In a rustic little village where my pals have never been And it might amuse the boys which don't get out of town I kept my peepers open, and some notes I jotted down I wouldn't live there always 'cos I'm London bred and born Though it's nice to see the growing straw what pushes up the corn I ain't a good describer, but my...
URL: - 12KB - 18 Nov 2012
28. Daddy Wouldn't Buy Me A Bow-Wow - Vesta Victoria
Chorus: Daddy wouldn't buy me a bow-wow (bow-wow) Daddy wouldn't buy me a bow-wow (bow-wow) I've got a little cat I am very fond of that But I'd rather have a bow-wow wow.
URL: - 10KB - 24 Nov 2012
29. Don't Get Married Anymore, Ma - Vesta Victoria
Chorus: 'Don't get married any more, Ma Don't get married any more Four times in my time a bride you've been And more before I came upon the scene I don't like so many changes Makes me sort of wonder where we are Soon as I get used to one, another comes along Can't I have a permanent papa?'
URL: - 11KB - 26 Jul 2012
30. Captain Sparrowstarver - Vesta Victoria
I'm in palpitations, 'cos I've got a new young man And when he's in his uniform he looks so spic and span I ain't exactly certain what his regiment can be But he holds the rank at present of a city orderly I am a lucky gal, I am, I never thought that I Should captivate a public man whose rank is very high. He's what you'd call a cross between a scout and pioneer 'Cos he has a broom...
URL: - 11KB - 29 Jul 2012

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