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41. I'm Not Such A Goose As I Look - Wilkie Bard
I'm sorry there's no one to introduce me I suppose I must do it myself A lonely old widow with very few friends Quite content to remain on the shelf My best friend is 'Julie' the goose - bless her heart For she's one of the best in the land By all those around me I'm called 'Mother Goose' But I want you to quite understand.
URL: - 13KB - 15 Sep 2013
42. I Think I'd Better Shift This Scene - Wilkie Bard
When you see 'pros' on the stage, you never give a thought To the scene-shifters, the men who move the lime Now, I'm a scene-shifter by trade - a beer shifter by birth And I've done a bit of shifting in my time We only get small pay, but we make shift with what we get While the shift that I'm wearing was a gift But still the wife and I jog on, and - jog along And if we can't pay...
URL: - 13KB - 15 Sep 2013
43. Sing My Lads, Yeave Ho - Wilkie Bard
Would you like me to tell you the tale,sir Of the evening I went for the sail I'm a marvel at telling the tale, sir I've had medals for telling the tale What's that, sir, You'd like me to tell you All right, sir, to please you, I will (Yer might play a bit of slow music An' turn on the limelight there, Bill) The ship was the good Mary Ann, sir Mary Ann, sir, yes that was her name
URL: - 13KB - 15 Sep 2013
44. When The Bugle Calls - Wilkie Bard
Chorus: When the bugle calls we shall march away As we did in days gone by We shall march, march, march Yes, we'll march, march, march April, May, June, and July When the bugle calls we shall march to war And there's not a man who'll fear it I don't care how soon the bugle calls So long as I don't hear it.
URL: - 10KB - 15 Sep 2013
45. I Want To Sing In Opera - Wilkie Bard
Chorus: I want to sing in Opera I've got that kind of voice I'd always sing in Opera If I could have my choice Signor Caruso Told me I ought to do so That's why I want to sing in op'ra Sing in op-pop-pop-popera Hurrah.
URL: - 10KB - 15 Sep 2013
46. I'm Waiting Here For Kate - Wilkie Bard
Chorus: I'm waiting here for Kate Here near the garden gate She said she'd meet me at eight My love for her is great That's why I wish to state I'll watch and wait for my fate That's Kate near the garden gate at eight.
URL: - 10KB - 15 Sep 2013
47. Come Up In My Balloon - Wilkie Bard
Chorus: Come up in my balloon, my balloon, my balloon Come up and see the Moon, see the Moon, see the Moon We shall be starting soon and the fare is half a crown Sit and hold tight, and you'll go up all right But I can't promise how you'll come down
URL: - 10KB - 30 Nov 2012
48. Hey!! Are You Coming Back Again? - Wilkie Bard
Chorus: 'Hey! Are you coming back again? Hey! Are you coming back again? If not, I'll get on with the kisses.' But he said, 'What the why. That girl's my missis.' Then he punched my nose, I got smack after smack Then he knocked me on the floor, and as he went through the door I said, 'Hey! Are you coming back?'
URL: - 12KB - 30 Nov 2012
49. Do You Know Any More Funny Stories - Wilkie Bard
Chorus: 'Do you know any more funny stories? Do you know any more funny tales?' The others must have been amused, for when I turned my head I found some of them gone to sleep - the rest had gone to bed So I went up to Percy with the coke-hammer and said, 'Do you know any more funny tales?'
URL: - 12KB - 30 Nov 2012
50. Bruvver Jim - Wilkie Bard
Once our family I respected to my 'eart Now I finks relations is far best apart Since my bruvver Jim's been working in the West Feelings of disgust is troubling my breast My old muvver thinks there ain't a soul like 'im Calls 'im James, although she Christened 'im as Jim When I 'ear 'im talking in the 'ouse so nice All my blood turns into little blocks of ice.
URL: - 11KB - 01 Dec 2012

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