by Noel Pherns performed by Fred Lewis Though you call me 'old buffer' the fact still remains, I'm a sport... I'm a sport. The true British blood sir, that runs through my veins, Can't be bought... can't be bought. I've always been right in the thick of the fray, A glutton for work and a demon at play. And sometimes I venture a shilling each way, I'm a sport... I'm a sport. At the old game of flirting I still have my fling, I'm a sport... I'm a sport. And I take all the pretty girls under my wing, To be taught... to be taught. Sometimes it's the women who lead us astray Why I caught the cook kissing my grandson one day But I turned down the gas and just tiptoed away, I'm a sport... I'm a sport. When I married my Jane I was only a lad, But a sport... quite a sport. And she turned out a bit of a Tartar, by Gad! I was caught... fairly caught. I tried hard to please her but always in vain, And her nagging, at times, fairly drove me insane; But as soon as I lost her I married again, I'm a sport... I'm a sport. Though I'm getting on now very near the last page, I'm a sport, I'm a sport. But the young folk today don't respect my old age. As they ought... as they ought. Well, youth will be served, I must freely proclaim, And the lads are TRUE BLUE who can just play the game, So let each MOTHER'S SON OF YOU make this your aim... BE A SPORT... BE A SPORT!
The end