by Richard Haswell When Geordie Broon of Backworth went ti war in thorty nine, He myed a pal of Billie Bland from Howdon on the Tyne, And on parade or in the mess, when hevin cups of tea, Where ivvor one of them waas foond, the other one wad be. They finished aal their training, but they nivvor had the chance Of deeing enny fighting until they went ti France, They landed there on Dee-Day, just as aal the fun began, And Geordie Broon of course thowt he waas Monty's reet hand man. As pals, both Bill and Geordie went on fighting up the line, They fought throo France and Belgium, forst, and then they crossed the Rhine. They beat the German army, and they got owld Hitler doon Then they were put in billets in a little German toon. They'd been there for a month or two, when Bill got word to say That he waas ganning hyem on leave, he'd be a month away, This news excited Geordie, and he said, 'Aa tell ye Bill, There's one thing aa want ye ti dee, of course, thats if ye will. 'Gan up and see my Missus lad, from Howdon it's not far, Just get the train ti Backworth, or gan up by bus or car. She's sure ti myek ye welcome, and ye'll get a cup of tea, She'll be that glad ti see ye, 'cos she knaas ye've been wi me. 'Ye'll find she's varry jolly, and she likes a bit of chaff, She'll tell ye plenty funny yarns, she's sure ti myek ye laff.' So Bill said, 'Aal reet Geordie, when aa gan aa'l luk hor up, And if she myeeks a cup of tea, aa'l stop and hev a cup.' So Bill went on his journey, with his small kit in a pack, And Geordie, aal excited, met him when he landed back. Bill said, 'Aa knaa yor anxious lad ti hear hoo aa got on, I'll tell ye this, aa hardly knaa my leave has been and gone.' 'Did ye gan up ti Backworth lad?' said Geordie, with a grin, Aa'l bet my Missus myed ye laff, when once ye'd gettin in.' And Bill replied, 'She did anaal, the funny things she said, In fact aa laffed that much aa nearly fell reet oot o' bed!'
The end