by Douglas Byng Now, of all the lovelies in the town... there's none as smart as Bella I've almost won as much renown as Mr. C's umbrella I'm a girl who serves her country and can raise her nation's hopes Like Prunella Stack, the Union Jack and Doctor Marie Stopes. In pre-war days with lights ablaze... they thought me rather shady But now that there's a blackout, well!... I'm treated like a lady. With sandbags on my chest I have bumped into the best I'm 'Blackout Bella', the whitest girl in town A girl who knows the game, who's groped her way to fame Every fella, salutes me on the beach Doing a 'Bumps-a-daisy' all down Regent Street. I popped in here... but not to profiteer My cover-charge is less than half-a-crown I'm the only bag of lard that doesn't need a ration card I'm 'Blackout Bell', the whitest girl in town. Now, whenever there's a call to arms, old 'Bella's' well on duty I don't waste time with false alarms, I'm there... and what a beauty I spur the lads to action, I'm the local 'Joan of Arc' But I beat a retreat, waggle my seat and surrender in the park. With the Army and the Air Force I'm quite sure to run amuk And I touch the sailor's dickies 'cos' it always brings me luck I'm the regimental band... I'm their new first aid-de-camp I'm 'Blackout Bella', the whitest girl in town Just see me in the dark, as far as Regent's Park Every cellar in London W.C. Comes in very handy for an A.R.P. I jog along... and sing me marching song Whoops-a-daisy... Knees up Mother Brown With a shilling in me hand and me bags all full of sand I'm 'Blackout Bella', the whitest girl in town. Me motto's 'Be Prepared' and 'Keep the beds well aired.' You can't tell her of any better stunt To keep the home-fires burning on the West-End front. In any raid, oooh... you'll find I'm unafraid! I'll carry on, whatever may come down And if I'm propped up in a porch... Don't you dare to flash your torch!!! I'm 'Blackout Bella', the whitest girl in town.
The end